Schezuan Potato Rolls

These rolls are very ideal for your kid's lunch boxes . your kids will definitely love this.You can also take these rolls while travelling .very easy and yummy recipe . So sharing it with all of you.


2 boiled potatoes
1 chopped onion
3 chopped garlic cloves
3 tsp chopped capsicum
2 tsp oil
2 tsp schezuan sauce
1/2 tsp soya sauce
1 tsp ketchup
Salt to taste
2 tsp chopped spring onion
Mozarella cheese or processed cheese (generous amount)
3 rotis (usual wheat flour roti )


  • In a pan heat oil and saute garlic,onion and capsicum for 5 minutes
  • Add schezuan sauce and fry for 2 minutes 
  • Add boiled potato cut into cubes,salt to taste, soya sauce,tomato ketchup and mix well  
  • Garnish with chopped spring onion
  • Take 1 roti ,put 3 tblsp of potato filling ,grated cheese and close the sides of roti
  • Roll the roti and tightly and serve with ketchup


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