Beet n Birinda Saaru

Kokum  is also called Birind in konkani and Murugala hannu in kannada is a tangy, dark purple,to black colour sticky fruit. This is available only in summer.This fruit is halved and dried in sun and stored for long time .this is used as a spice mostly in Goan and Konkani cuisines.Usually konkanis prepare saaru / rasam with this. Today i just tried it with boiled beetroot water. It was very tasty.So sharing its recipe with you.


Dry kokum 4-5 or 1/4 cup kokum syrup
1/2 cup beetroot water
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
2 tsp oil 5 crushed garlic cloves
3 red chillies


  • Soak kokum in 1 cup water for 2 hours and  take out the kokum 
  • Add beetroot water ,salt and sugar to it and boil
  • Temper with the ingredients and serve with hot rice
NOTE:  If you are using syrup no need to add sugar


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