Sev ki Barfi

Got this recipe from the magazine WOMAN'S ERA !!!


400 gmsof bhujiya/sev (without salt)
400 gms khoya
200 ml milk
5-6 tblsp of milk powder
400 gms sugar --this can be adjusted as per taste
200 gms ghee


  • Heat a thick bottomed pan and bring the milk to boil
  • Add khoya and allow it to  melt while you stir it continuously
  • After khoya melts completely ,add milk powder and then mix in thebhujiya a little at a time and stir continuously
  • Add sugar once the bhujiya are blended well into the khoya
  • Stir till the mixture begins to thicken
  • While stirring keep adding ghee - a few spoons at a regular intervals
  • Once the mixture becomes thick pour it on a greased thali and soread evenly 
  • Allow it to set and cool at room temperature
  • Cut into desired shapes and serve as  a dessert.


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