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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Spring Onion Paratha with kairi ki chutney

 Thanks to SIZZLING TASTEBUDS!!  for this wonderful paratha recipe!!


1) Blanch the cauliflower in slightly salted water for 10 mins. Drain thoroughly and grate the cauliflower.Squeeze and remove excess water (very important step)
2) Slightly crush the Kasuri Methi between your palms.
3) In a pan, heat 2 TBSP oil. Add minced onions (if using) and saute till they turn pink. Now add grated veggies, spring onions and fry slightly till the raw smell disappears. Add salt, turmeric, dry spices and mix well till you get a nice dry mixture. Finish with crushed Kasuri Methi , coriander leaves and cool the mixture thoroughly.

Meanwhile, rub the ghee into the wholewheat mixture and adding salt and water, make it to a soft dough. Let the dough rest for 10 - 15 mins. You may also make the dough before making the filling.

1) Divide the filling to equal lemon sized balls.
2) Pinch out a nice big ball out of the dough and roll out to a 4" roundel. Put the filling inside, cover & wrap, dust in flour and roll out to thick parathas
3) Cook on a medium hot tava (skillet) with oil on both sides till finely cooked. 
4) Serve hot with Tomato Pachadi (recipe coming soon!!) for a yummy wholesome meal ! 


Take 1/2 cup peeled and chopped kairi/raw mango pieces,salt ,red chilli powder ,jaggery to taste .little jeera powder and grind into a fine paste

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