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Monday, 27 July 2015

Semolina Roast Potatoes

Thanks to My FB friend Sushma Mallya for this wonderful recipe!! Loved it very much !!

10- 12 boiled bay potatoes
3 tblsp fine rava/semolina
1 tsp red chilli pdr
2 generous pinches of hing/asafoetida pdr
2 tblsp oil
2 tblsp chopped coriander leaves + 2 tblsp coriander leaves for garnishing
1 tblsp chopped curry leaves


  • In a pan dry roast semolina till nice aroma comes and keep aside
  • In same pan heat little oil and rost potatoes till it becomes light brown and crisp ,keep aside
  • Add the remaining oil in the pan and put hing and chilli pdr and fry on a low flame,please take care not to burn the spice her
  • Add chopped coriander and curry leaves and fry for a minute
  • Add the potatoes and toss well, so that all the potatoes are well coated with the spices
  • Now add the roasted semolina and mix well ,keep on a low flame for 5 mins
  • Toss and sere garnished with coriander leaves Serve with rice and dal or anything or eat it just like will absolutely like it !!

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