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Monday, 10 October 2016

Godhi Nuchchina Payasa

This is a very traditional konkani style payasa prepared with Godhi nuchchu/ daliya/ broken wheat  or Gonva Kano in Konkani !! In this payasam we use coconut milk and jaggery ,tastes wonderful !!
1 cup broken wheat/ daliya/ godhi nuchchu
1 coconut gratings (use only white part)
1 cup jaggery or according to your taste
3 tsp ghee
3 tblsp cashew bits
2 tblsp kishmish/raisins
2 tsp cardamom pdr
Some kesar/ saffron strands


  • In a pan roast daliya with 2 tsp ghee till nice aroma comes
  • Cook the daliya  in cooker with 2.5 cups water for -4 whistles or till it becomes soft and well cooked
  • Blend the coconut scrapings in mixer adding half cup water,once it becomes fine paste pass it through a strainer and sqeeze the first extract
  • Transfer the squeezed coconut again in the mixer and grind with some water  and pass it through the strainer to get the second extract
  • Transfer the cooked daliya in a thick bottomed vessel.add the jaggery ,once the jaggery melts,add the second extract of the coconut milk and boil well
  • Now add the first extract and give a quick boiland switch off the gas
  • Add cashew and raisins roasted in ghee and finish with adding cardamom powder!!!

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