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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Sweet Idlis

1 1/4 cup rice
1 handful poha/ beaten rice and kurmura
1/2 coconut grated (only white part)
1 cup sour curd
Salt to taste
Jaggery to taste
Few cashews and raisins
2 tsp elaichi pdr
1/2 tsp ENO fruit salt


  • Soak rice in curdsfor few hrs,then grind it with coconut ,poha and kurmura into a fine paste without adding water
  • Lastly add jaggery,salt  and ENO fruit salt ,mix well
  • Ferment the batter for 6-7 hrs,add cashews,raisins,cardamom pdr ,mix well and steam idlis
  • Serve hot with fresh ghee !!!

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