Karkal Cake / Aate ka halva

Karkal is a small town in Dakshin Kannada district . I don't have any idea why this sweet is called cake, though it is in the form of halva.This is a very special delicacy  which is prepared for almost all the functions like engagement, weddings,thread ceremony and small get togethers.


1 cup wheat flour / gehun ka atta / godhi hittu
1 cup ghee
1 cup sugar
2 cups hot water
2 tblsp chopped nuts
1 tblsp raisins
1 tsp elaichi / cardamom powder


  • Heat 2 tsp ghee in a pan and roast the nuts and transfer it on a plate
  • In the same pan put the remaining ghee ,add the wheat flour and roast on a low flame, stirring continuously
  • Roast it till nice aroma comes and the colour changes 
  • Meanwhile keep 2 cups hot water ready
  • Once the atta becomes brown in colour, add the hot water gradually to avoid the lumps and leep stirring
  • Once the water has evaporated, add the sugar and keep stirring till it melts
  • Once the sugar melts,the mixture becomes like a liquid mass
  • Keep stirring till it all comes together and ghee separates
  • This will take 20 to 25 mins
  • Turn oss the flame and garnish with roasted nuts,raisins and cardamom powder
  • Serve hot and enjoy.


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