Obbattu / Puranpoli / Holige

1 cup maida / all purpose flour  + 2 tblsp for dusting
3 tblsp chiroti rava (optional )1/4 tsp turmeric powder
2 tblsp oil
Water as needed to knead the dough

1 cup  chana dal / Bengal gram
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup jaggery1/2 tsp cardamom powder


  • Take maida and chiroti rava  in a bowl, add turmeric pdr, mix well .
  • Add water in small amount and make a soft dogh (make a soft elastic dough)
  • Add oil to the dough and knead again and rest it for minimum  2 hrs in a closed container
  • Wash chana dal and cook with 2.5 cups water ,in cooker for 3 -4 whistles
  • Once it is cooked ,drain all the water(use this water to make rasam)
  • Grind it into a smooth paste and transfer into a pan
  • Add sugar and  powdered jaggery  to the ground paste and cook it till it becomes thick
  • Add cardamom powder to it and make balls,keep aside
  • Devide the outer cover into portions and make small balls (about 1/3 of the stuffing)
  • Now roll the outer cover ball into a small poori,keep the pooran ball in the center of it and seal the stuffing with the rolled poori neatly
  • Dust it with maida and roll it slowly again into a poli and roast it on tava on a medium flame 
  • Roast both the sides,transfer it on a paper towels
  • Once it comes to room temperature store in an airtight container
  • Serve with fresh ghee.
  • These lasts only for 3-4 days.If you want to store it more than that please store inthe refrigerator and micro it before serving.
  • You can use only sugar or only jaggery.
  • If the stuffing is sticky then keep it in the fridge  for sometime and use it.


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