Cake Ice-cream with Praline


4tblsp sugar
10- 12 cashew nuts or almonds (you can also use walnuts or pecans)
2 tblsp unsalted butter


  • Roughly chop or crush the nuts. Grease one plate and keep ready or use butter paper or alluminium foil
  • Take butter in a pan ,keep on a low flame.
  • Add sugar when butter begins to melt.
  • Mix sugar with butter and cook on a low flame
  • Stir at intervals.No need to stir continuously.
  • The mixture will begin to change its colour.
  • When it becomes golden brown add the crushed nuts and turn off the flame
  • Mix well and pour it on the greased plate or butter paper
  • Let it harden and cool
  • Once it is completely cool, break it into pieces and crush it into a coarse mixture
  • Store it in an airtight container and use it as toppings on ice-creams, cakes or pastries and enjoy!!!
To make cake ice-cream :

  • Use the ice-cream that comes in a rectangular carton,Open the carton and cut into slice, lengthwise.
  • Cut the cake into same slice,arrange it in a glass or alluminium container.
  • Place the ice-cream slice on it . 
  • Crush the praline and spread it over the ice-cream and cover it with parchment paper or any plate.
  • Freeze it till it becomes firm .
  • Cut into slices and serve chilled .


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